The Best Beach Necklaces

Beach necklaces are starting to be a part of everybody’s must-have list as summer approaches. If you plan to spend your summer in a tropical country full of beaches like Jamaica, you should definitely not miss wearing some fashionable beach necklaces. If you love beaches a lot, you can opt to wear these trendy beach accessories all-year-round.

They come in varieties of designs that would surely complement your daily outfit of the day or  like what teens would say “OOTD”. They are not just for beach bums and frequent beach travelers but also for persons who prefer to spend more time indoors. Here, we have collected the most searched and best beach necklaces in different designs that you would surely love.

Best Beach Necklaces

Sand and Seashell Necklace

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Nothing can bring back beach memories better than a transparent glass of seashell and sand. Now, you can bring the beach with you wherever you go, literally! This Sand and Seashell Necklace features a little transparent glass globe that contains real  white beach sand and tiny seashells. It also comes with a small bronze quoted charm that says “Dreaming of the Sea”. Since there are a lot of varieties of small seashells one can find at the shore, this glass necklace may also contain starfish, conch shells, and numerous more.

You will be surprised with what you will get. The chain of the necklace is made with a 20-inch bronze necklace. The lid of the ball glass is also crafted with a unique wave-like pattern which makes it more interesting and catchy. This necklace is not just for usual beach goers but also for fashion enthusiasts. If you want to give your look a twisted layer, try this bronze beach necklace and you will surely amp your style.

Message in a Bottle Necklace

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Have you ever dreamt of finding a bottle with a message inside it whenever you go to the beach; dreaming that it is from the man or woman of your dreams? Or have you tried throwing a bottle with a piece of paper that has your number inside it onto the sea? If you are a fan of romantic movies, you probably have dreamt or tried it once. Because of such movies, beaches have always been linked with “message-in-a-bottle” kinds of things. We have an adorable Message in a Bottle Necklace that can re-live the movies for you.

This little glass vial also features a cute rubber cork and a small paper scroll inside. Who knows? You might meet the man or woman of your dreams on the beach. You can just throw the bottle close to them anytime; just be sure to input your number, email, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter account. Kidding aside, the chain of this necklace is also 22 inches long with beads. This beaded charm necklace will be a sick alternative to your regular necklaces.

Beach Wedding Necklace
Beach Wedding Necklaces

Beach necklaces are totally in-demand on beach weddings. When it comes to beach weddings, nothing can make a necklace more elegant and stunning than the combination of pearls and diamonds. Our top pick for the best beach wedding necklace is this Art Deco Starfish Necklace. The vintage-inspired necklace features double strands of Swarovski pearls, antiqued silver filigree, and starfish crystals. The Swarovski pearl’s soft white color  and subtle shimmer  are perfect for any bride. This necklace is also available in a cream color that has a golden tone.

Beach-Themed Necklace
Beach Themed Necklaces

If we got the wedding necklace perfect for brides, we also got a beautifully designed beach necklace for bridesmaids. For beach-themed weddings, the Starfish Silver Necklace makes the perfect choice for bridesmaids. The necklace features sterling silver chain and sterling silver starfish pendant. It is perfect to wear this necklace with contrasting dark colors of dresses. Not only is this necklace great for beach weddings, you can also wear it in any elegant gatherings and events. You can also pair it with matching starfish earrings.

Surfer Necklace
Beach Surfer Necklaces Womens

For women who love surfing, here is a Small Sterling Silver Charm Necklace. It features a silver cable chain and an engraved tiny silver charm that is shaped like a surfing board. It’s small pendant features amazing patterns of imprinted ocean waves. The wave pattern on this pendant is not hand stamped but imprinted that’s why you can expect a perfectly lined design when you get one. The makers of this necklace oxidized the wave pattern so it can achieve a darker color which makes it stand out. Its chain features a lobster clasp and locking jump rings. This necklace may be very lightweight but it is guaranteed sturdy. It is perfect for your daily surfing adventures and extreme body movements. The silver chain of the necklace is 17 inches long. Show your love for the sport by wearing a cool surfing necklace like this. You can either wear it alone or layer it with other awesome accessories.

Beach-Inspired Necklace for Guys
Beach Necklaces For Guys

If you think that necklaces are only for girls, check this sick Beach-Inspired Blue Turquoise Necklace for Guys. The necklace features different tones of blue which is a great color for men. The beads used to make this beautiful necklace come from different materials: turquoise gemstone, turquoise Heishi, long horn beads, mango wood, howlite, gemstone, and cone tie. Nothing can make a guy look hotter than a good combination of beachy blue colors. If you want to achieve that cool outdoor look, go for clothes in shades of blue or wear this necklace. This necklace goes well with black, white, and Hawaiian shirts. You can also wear it with tan suits, leather jackets, regular blue jeans and beach sandals.

Beach Glass Necklace
Beach Glass Necklaces

Sea glasses are products of nature that are very relaxing to the eye. This Beach Glass Necklace is our top pick. It features a genuine sea glass in different colors like blue, sea foam, white, green, and brown. It also features a Swarovski crystal pearl. It comes with a sterling silver cable chain. If you love the beach and you want something unique, you should definitely try this necklace.

Beach Choker Necklace
Beach Choker Necklaces

Beach chokers are also a popular beach accessory that is loved by everyone. This type of necklace looks different from the usual long necklaces. As its name suggests, they are made short so they can just hug the actual shape of our neck. This Shell and Pearl Choker would be an awesome addition to your accessories. It features a good combination of carved shells and freshwater pearls. The choker necklace is assembled by using organic crochet wirings. It looks artistically messy. If you wear it, it will instantly give you a vintage chic look. In fact, this necklace is also a perfect beach wedding jewelry for brides and bridesmaids. The earthy beige color of the necklace is delightfully perfect for wedding dresses. Since it is handcrafted, every necklace looks different from the other. You will find the uniqueness you are looking for on this artistic creation. You may also pair this necklace with matching shell earrings.

Beach Badge Necklace
Beach Badge Necklaces

Students and employees wear ID badges more than necklaces. It can be tiring to see the normal school or office lanyard. Start amping up your style as a student and employee by changing your boring badge holder to a Beach Badge Necklace. Like the beach-inspired necklace for guys above, this badge holder also features numerous materials like chips, Delica seed, bead, clasp, ring, swivel, clip, apricot freshwater pearls, gemstone chips, organic sunstone, and citrine. Who said only beach-goers can wear beach necklaces? Now, you can make your ordinary day more beach-inspired since you can bring the beach in a necklace. The materials used in this lanyard features relaxing creamy beach colors like apricot and light gold. Not only is this necklace perfect for you school and office IDs, it is also perfect for your keys and eyeglasses. In fact, this necklace is the epitome of versatility and beauty. You can use everything attached and clip your badge or ID card. You may also remove the swivel clip and slip your eyeglasses into the 24mm split ring. You may also remove all the hardware and wear it as a sexy long necklace. Wait, it doesn’t stop there. You can also double the necklace and make a two-strand choker and when you get tired of necklaces, go transform it to a multi-strand bracelet.

Beach Necklaces Buying Guide

Beach necklaces come in different varieties but the most common types are beaded, pendant, and chain necklaces. These beach necklaces can be used as the finishing accessory to complete a look or as a trinket of a sentimental beach memory. Whether your reason is to take your fashion style to a whole new level or just want a constant reminder of a loving memory, beach necklaces will surely deliver  your goal. There are a few good-to-knows before deciding to buy a new beach necklace. You should start by considering which type of necklace would suit your daily attire. Is it the beaded beach necklace, pendant beach necklace, or the chain beach necklaces? Then, you have to decide which style and design to get. The design of the jewelry greatly affects its price.

Mens Beach Necklaces
Pendant Beach Necklace

Pendant Beach Necklaces

Pendants for beach necklaces can literally be made from any sea item; From driftwood, sea glass, seashells, rocks and numerous other items.

Basically, anything that you see on the shore and under the sea can be used.

These pendants can also be crafted with gold, silver, and other metals.

Chain Beach Necklaces

Beach Necklaces Images
Rollo Chain Beach Necklace

Chain beach necklaces may typically feature charms. Chains also come in different varieties. There are box chains, snake chains, wheat chains, and Rollo chains.

Box chains formed with the use of square links of metal. They are combined to create an amazing smooth chain.

Snake chains are tightly connected rounded links. They may look heavy and thick but they can still be bent.

Wheat chains are formed with the use of either oval or twisted oval links.

Lastly, Rollo links are formed by combining round links to achieve a classic look.

Beach Necklaces Photos
Beaded Beach Necklace

Beaded Beach Necklaces

There are numerous items used in making beaded beach necklaces. Some of them are pearls, glass beads, plastic, wood, and semi-precious stones. When buying beaded beach necklaces, you ought to know the style names so you know what to expect about the necklaces. There are three main types of beaded beach necklaces: uniform, graduated, and bib.

A uniform beaded beach necklace is made of beads that have equal sizes.

A graduated beaded necklace is made of beads that gradually increases or decreases in size. Typically, the smallest bead size is placed close to the clasp.

Lastly, a bib beach necklace features three or more strands. They following strands are always longer that what it precedes.

Beach necklaces can help you express your thoughts and bring good vibes to anyone. Start enjoying these beautiful beach necklaces at home, school, work, or at the beach. These are awesome everyday jewelry that you can definitely enjoy!

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