Charming & Gorgeous Hope Town on the Abaco Islands

Hope Town on the Abaco Islands, Bahamas, is the most charming village. Some consider it a resort town since so many of the pastel painted cottages are vacation rentals. Well, it’s gorgeous, it’s got a lot of history, and it’s the perfect walking town.

Best Unique Beaches in the World

Navagio Beach in Greece aka Shipwreck Beach

I think these are the best unique beaches in the world! From the loudest beach to a magical glowing beach. Each of these spots is unique and one of a kind.

Cottage Living on Nantucket with a Pinch of Seafaring & Dreamy Blue

Experience beach cottage living on Nantucket island. This small compound contains a newly remodeled quaint cottage and a two room cabin. While for the cottage clues were taken from the island’s history tied to the sea, the little cabin embraces you with dreamy blues and a breezy summer feeling.

Some Like it Hut -Beach Hut Rentals in England

Beach Hut Rentals in England

The British seaside tradition is a one of a kind. It is well known that the British like it hut! To get a taste, rent one of those cute little beach huts that line the shores by the thousands.