5 Stunningly White Themed Beach Houses


White resembles perfection, purity and cleanliness. This color has all the good and bad elements of every color in the spectrum – a balanced color. In psychology it is often associated with new beginnings or new starts. If there is one color that describes a beach house – it’s white.

8 Octopus Decor That Will Suck You In


Having some octopus decor is a must if you’re a beach dweller and really want to liven the place up. Nearly every beach house nowadays has some sort of cliché fish or turtle decor but where’s the love for the octopus? The octopus is an elegant, graceful creature and adding it your home is sure […]

20 Stunning Beach Window Views

20 Stunning Beach Window Views

Prepare to be blown away. These images, taken from beach houses all around the world showcase some of best views seen from their windows. You should definitely grab some of the design tips from these houses to make your view just that little bit better.

DIY Driftwood Frames & Mirrors


Driftwood creates a really unique look to any room and be an eye catcher for anyone walking past. Check out some of these sweet looking DIY driftwood frames and mirrors

The Best Beach and Coastal Magazines


Do you need help decorating your beach or coastal house? These beach and coastal magazines contain numerous styles, and ideas to help you decorate your own place!

Charming New England Beach Bungalow

Beach Bungalow Design Idea

Step inside this charming New England beach bungalow and see what you can do with a small space! Designed by Ron DiMauro Architects and located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, this small beach bungalow is just over 900 square feet. The open concept, white walls, high ceilings, simple furnishings, all the light flooding in, not the mention […]

How to Make Jewelry from Beach Sea Glass

How to Make Beach Glass Bracelet and Necklace

The same way you can Make Seashell Jewelry with a precious shell or a shell collection, hand picked from the beach, you can turn Sea Glass pieces into gorgeous bracelets and necklaces!

Happy Bright Blue and Green Beach Home

Clam Shell Bowl Kitchen Decor

Designer Wendy Patrick brings the calmness of the ocean and the beach into a Cape Blas home with varied shades of blue and green. The happy home is called Turtle Tides -and has turtles swimming at the bottom of the pool!

Short Guides to the Caribbean Islands & Beaches

Short Guide to Caribbean Islands and Beaches

With so many Caribbean Islands to choose from, it’s a challenge to pick one. Where can you find the Best Beaches? Can you catch a direct flight? These short guides to the Caribbean Islands and beaches will get you off to a good start!