DIY Driftwood Frames for Pictures and Mirrors

Driftwood creates a really unique look to any room and be an eye catcher for anyone walking past. Check out some of these sweet looking DIY driftwood frames and mirrors


This beautiful driftwood mirror is the perfect touch for a beach house! Not only is it perfect for all beach lovers, but it is a easy DIY project! All you need is a mirror (which you can get from any second hand store), and driftwood (which you can collect on your local beach). Even if the driftwood is not all the same texture, or color it will still be cute and unique!


This DIY frame can be made by collecting driftwood, and other beachy finds (I.E. shells). After collecting the amount of items you plan on using, find or buy a cheap frame and super glue them on.


This driftwood picture frame includes the same materials, beach collections and a frame. Although this DIY frame used more shells, and rocks rather than driftwood. The larger pieces add a nice touch to the white frame. Add a picture of your favorite beach, or a picture of you and a friend and this could be the perfect gift!


This project uses driftwood as the artwork instead of the frame. After finding the perfect frame, collect a good amount of driftwood, and align it however you’d like in the frame. As long as the driftwood is the right size, super gluing should hold the driftwood in just fine! It is a nice piece of artwork to sit on a mantle, or to add to a empty wall!