DIY Ocean In a Box

Today we have a great little project that is perfect for displaying around the house. In this DIY project, we are going to be building an Ocean View Shadow box, which was found on

finished 2

Pictures in frames are old school. It’s time to spice your decorations up in this department and boy do we have the project for you! This little DIY is a great way to create aan exciting and unique picture that brings the beach to life. Best thing – it’s incredibly easy to make and isn’t going to break the bank. If you have kids, why not get them involved? I’m sure it will be a great bonding experience and something they will most definitely enjoy.

What I love most about these shadow boxes is how they can capture a memory. For example, we went down to the beach and had an absolutely great day with the family, a memory I want to treasure for ever. So I took a couple of snaps, grabbed some sand and shells and created one of these boxes – externalising that fantastic day at the beach.



As we said before, this project isn’t going to cost you much. Here is what you are going to need to make one of these stunning shadow boxes:

  • Shadow Box (duh!)
  • A picture from a fun-filled day at the beach
  • Seashells, rocks, driftwood, etc. from the trip
  • Sand
  • Adhesive tape or straight pins (for keeping the image in place)

It doesn’t matter exactly where you get the sand from, however, it would be good if it was from the same trip as the photo to really add to the sentimental value of the photo. But all in all, you can see how the only thing you really need to get is the shadow box (and maybe the adhesive) meaning that this is going to be on the cheap end.


Making the box isn’t really that hard, however, there are few steps involved. We recommend heading over to TheSouthernStyle and checking out all the steps there as they do a much better job than we did.

adding shells

We would love to see what you came up with! Send it through in the comments! If you enjoyed the article don’t be afraid pin it on Pinterest.