Simple and Stunning DIY Seashell Candles


Lately, we have been making a habit of posting some fun little DIY projects for you guys to complete (at the request of our readers) and today we are continuing that trend.

While browsing for some ideas on something that was not only simple and cheap but also something that was fashionable and would make a great addition to a home. So after combing through video after video, article after article we finally found this great little tutorial from BudgetSavvyDiva on youtube.

This is an incredibly easy project, and the best part is, you can practically make it suit any home. Today we are going to be making seashell candles. Shown below is an example of what we will be building.


Like we said before this is incredibly easy and really shouldn’t take you that long to complete. Another benefit of this nifty little project is that your kids are going to want to get involved, meaning this project can be a great bonding experience for you and your family. However, as always when it comes to lighting the candles make sure you practice proper fire safety!


As we said above, this project needed to be cheap. Luckily it is, with very few supplies needed. Most of the supplies can either be gotten from Amazon or your local $1 stores. A list of what’s needed is shown below:

  • Seashells (preferably bigger in size so they can hold the wax)
  • Wick (long so you can cut to size)
  • Candle Wax
  • Glue (preferably hot glue gun)


You can either use seashells that you find at the beach or get the from the store, however if you are getting ones from the beach just make sure that they are big enough. Not all beaches will have the right sized shells so you might need to get them online if all else fails.


These candles look fabulous in any home but look even better in a beach house. A little something that we found looks great is to make a few of these candles and put them on a glass plate or shallow bowl surrounded by sand (like the photo below). Then light these candles and put them on a coffee table in your home and be amazed!


Show us what you came up with in the comments, we would love to see them! Don’t forget to pin these images on Pinterest!