DIY Sea Shell Letters

Keeping up with the theme of DIY letter projects, I thought it would be great today if we made some sea shell covered letters. I found this great little tutorial on the net that explained nicely how to go about making them.


Like the maritime letters we made in the previous post, these letters will make a perfect contribution to your seaside shack. The really help in creating a relaxing atmosphere around the house and are sure to be a point of envy for your friends when they realize that you made them yourself (maybe you can show them how?). A great aspect of this DIY project is that they are super easy to make.


This project shouldn’t cost you much at all in the way of supplies, especially if you can get the sea shells yourself from the beach. The only cost is going to be the wooden letters, although they are pretty darn cheap at $3.50 – $5.00 each. Remember not to get too many otherwise the letters become overbearing in your home.

So what you will need:

1. Wooden Letters (white preferable but whatever color suits your house)
2. Taccy Glue
3. E6000 Glue
4. Sea Shells. A lot of sea shells
5. Old Jewellery

Make sure you get a diverse range of Sea Shells that are all shapes and sizes. Don’t discriminate!


Still not convinced you should be making these? Well, have a look at some of these photos below to see just how great they are going to look in your house.

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As I said, these are pretty darn easy to make. Have a look at this Tutorial here from Debi where she goes through the whole project from start to finish. She is energetic which makes it a pretty enjoyable tutorial to watch none the less.

Like she says in the video, if you don’t want to add the jewelry and want to have a more organic look instead, don’t add it! Just add a few more sea shells to fill in the empty spaces and you should be fine.