Sprucing up your house with some Coastal Wallpaper inspiration!

Typically, your walls are quite bland. More then likely just a shade of white with a sprinkle of decor here and there. Not all that exciting if you ask me. However today we have some inspiration to turn those boring white landscapes into works of art – the focus of the room.

Wallpaper is that one piece of decoration that can take a room from “okay” to “wow”  – if done correctly. I can’t recall the number of times I have seen houses with absolutely shocking wallpaper and still sometimes wake up in a coldsweat thinking about them (well that might be a slight exaggeration, but you get the point – they’re bad).

Wallpaper can be used to express yourself, show off your passions and joy whilst breathing life into an otherwise dull room. Some of the wallpapers we have below are a bit more “out-there” then some of the others, so whatever your tastes are, you should find some sort of inspiration.

Basic with a twist

Ocean Green

To start with we have a nice basic wallpaper design that reminds me of the gorgeous waters of the Caribbean. The slight combination of the greens and blues in this wallpaper really make the room standout as well as drawing your attention to the objects on the wall.

However, what I love most about this one is how the wall is “bumpy”. It gives it that rough look that works so well for any coastal wallpaper design.

Happy Fish

fishy fish wallpaper

Next up we have this gorgeous fish piece that would be perfect for any bathroom/room with a blue dominance. The gorgeous fish almost look like they are moving across the wall, and are sure to make anyone passing through feel relaxed and at ease.

However, they do take the eye away from objects on the wall, so keep that in mind when you are decorating.

Lighthouse Stripes

stripy lighthouse

This one would have to be my favorite one on the list. I love the smooth colors used here that work so well with the white basin. Best thing about this one is that you don’t really need to buy wallpaper – if you are daring enough you can just paint the blue lines on to an already white wall.

Sail Boats

sail boat wallpaper

Another great design that I am sure will bring some inspiration to those who are struggling. Why not look for something you or your family does around the water and turn it into a wallpaper? You guys like spending the day building sand castles? Then make one with them on it. Give it a personal touch and it will look so much better then anything else.

Golden Lobster

lobster wallpaper

This one here sort of covers two bases. It looks elegant and rich, perfect for those modern houses and rooms whilst at the same time appealing to families of fisherman/woman. The rustic look of the lobsters is something I really like in this design – not just your typical stickers. Some thought has really been put in to how these lobsters are going to interact with the wall behind it.