Light up your Beach Shack with these Creative Lights

Lights, Lamps, Light shades. These are some of the most neglected and basic items that we seem to find in beach houses (and all houses for a matter of fact) nowadays.

Where’s all the love gone for the lights? Get creative, try and find something unique that can really liven up the place.

In this post we have listed some of the most creative and unique lights that we have found whilst surfing the net. These lights are truly spectacular and are sure to add a “wow” factor to your beach house.

Hanging Jarsjars

A good place to start is the probably the most unique light that we found. These hanging jars are perfect for giving your house that “beach vibe” and is sure to be point of envy from your friends and family. They suit more of a “beach shack” sort of house as opposed to a full-on beach mansion.

These lights can actually probably be made yourself if you are handy enough. Just be careful though as you are dealing with electricity.

Beach Balls


As soon as I saw these I just knew we had to have them in the list. These are without a doubt some of the best looking beach lights I have ever seen. They are absolutely gorgeous and really open the room up.

These are best for a children’s room/nursery in our opinion, however, they would also look great hanging over the kitchen table (just make sure they aren’t hanging too low!).



It wouldn’t be a beach styled lighting list without some sort of animal light! This cute little starfish is perfect for the toilet or bathroom or other lowly-lit areas. It’s simple design and shape make it easily mountable on nearly any wall.


old ship

Now I don’t know if lighthouse is the right word to describe these lights but for some reason that’s what I think of when I see them. These gorgeous lamps look best if attached to the outside of the house!



Now we are getting more traditional with the lights. These lights are more suited to any room style but still give that beach vibes. These are going to bring back the memories of the family heading down to the beach with a basket filled with sandwiches and drinks.

Definitely a must for family homes.

So there you go, some of the most nifty beach lights found around the internet! If you have any that you think we missed, let us know in the comments!