Picture Perfect Positano on Italy’s Amalfi Coast & Spiaggia Grande

Positano Beach Italy
The amazing Amalfi coast of Italy. Little towns nestled into cliffs with breath taking vistas over the Mediterranean sea. Picture perfect Positano is the most popular town of them all with its Spiaggia Grande, or the Great Beach. Photo by Michael Greenberg of Image Tripping.

Positano Beach Experience
Bird’s eye view of Positano, the Great Beach and the “other beach” (small beach in the distance that I will introduce later). Via Positano Photo Diary (as well as the two following pictures).

Amalfi Coast Beach
The Great Beach with its sea of colorful umbrellas.

Le Sirenuse Restaurant View
Another gorgeous vista. In the picture, Le Sirenuse hotel and restaurant in Positano, named to the 2014 Conde Nast Traveler Gold List of the world’s best places to stay. To the right is Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta.

San Pietro Positano
The San Pietro Hotel in Positano has the most beautiful terrace.

Positano Steps
Words from a Traveling Expat: “Positano is a gem. The water is a vibrant blue, the mountains rising high above are striking, the town itself has best of Italian charm. Taking the uber-scenic Almalfi Coast drive (noted as one of National Geographic’s Drives of a Lifetime) we arrived at the top of the town and promptly parked. The beach and town center were faaaar below, separated from us by about a zillion steps.”

Positano Beach
“It has been nearly two years since our trip to Positano, but I still find myself mentally visiting and revisiting the beautiful gem of the Amalfi Coast almost every day. The five days we spent there were some of the most memorable of my life, filled with more *pinch me* moments than I could ever explain.” By Dreams in HD.

Fornillo Beach
Positano’s “other beach” is Fornillo, a little gem located in a pretty quiet cove, just a short stroll from the center of town. Or get there by boat shuttle from the main dock in the port of Positano. Via J’ai la Vie.

Grassi at Fornillo Beach Positano Italy
“You can just eat lunch there, but better yet, hire a couple of lettini, or beach beds, and an umbrella for the day. Get there early to reserve a place in the first row.” The advice from travel and food writer Elisabeth Minchilli who lives in Rome, and loves to go beach club hopping on the Amalfi coast. “The main perks of beach clubbing is having lunch at their rickety little beach restaurants. And even though most have almost identical menus, there’s always something new and fun to try.”

Positano Beach Italy
Tips from a traveling family. “We always rent a villa somewhere in town. We usually find loads of great options on the Summer In Italy accommodations site. What matters most to us is that the villa has a large terrace, so we can sit outside and enjoy the stunning views out over the sea. We fly to Naples and then we ask a driver in a big van to pick us up and drive us down along the winding Amalfi coast to Positano (the drive takes 1-2 hours).” Via Bloesem Kids.

Le Sirenuse Restaurant Photo
Take it all in from the terrace at Le Sirenuse.

Positano Photo Diary
Or enjoy the breath taking views from the privacy of your hotel room or villa rental. Via Positano Photo Diary.

The Amalfi Coast is so beautiful that it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site as a cultural landscape in 1997. When you see the pictures (and you probably have seen them before) you want to go. Well, I want to go! I can’t get over how breath taking the views are. Travelers come from around the world to experience the natural beauty of this coastline in southern Italy. You can expect it to be busy during the summer season, which could be fun, but I think I’d still prefer off season. Neighboring towns include Praiano, Ravello, Amalfi, Atrani and Minori. Positano is a must see. Many roads are for pedestrians only, and the beach experience will be unique! Another little thing you might want to know. “The Amalfi Coast is known for its production of limoncello liqueur as the area is a cultivator of lemons – you will drink lots of it while there!” Says the Solo Traveler.

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