The Perfect Things for a Cozy Beach Time Out at Home

Favorite Beach Relaxation Things
Escape the hustle and the sounds of the world and go on beach time in your own home! Here are the perfect things to cozy up with, relax, and go on beach time.

Cozy Beach Throws with Coral Pattern
Cozy Throw Blanket:
Eco Reversible Coral Throws in 3 Different Colors
Beachy Blue Woven Throw Blanket from Surya
Beachy Blue Starfish Throw Blanket from Beach Bliss Living Designs

Photo Beach Pillows
Dreamy Cozy Pillow:
Scenic Photo Pillows from Beach Bliss Living Designs
Hooked Beach Pillows with Words and Sayings
Hooked Beach Pillows at Amazon

On Beach Time Mugs
Mug of Hot Tea:
On Beach Time Starfish Mug & Blue On Beach Time Mug
Seashell Infuser & Manatee Infuser
Whistling Teakettle – Marseille Blue

Waterside Cottages Book
Good Book:
Beach Inspired Books

Ocean Sounds CD
Relaxation Music:
Ocean Waves: Calming Sounds of the Sea

Cozy up with a beach throw blanket and pillow, sip a mug of hot tea, enjoy a beautiful beach book, listen to the calming sounds of waves. Whether you do all of these things at the same time, a few, or just one, I think to give yourself a daily dose of “beach time” is important. It’s good for mind, body, and your beach soul!