Welcome your guests with these coastal door mats

Doormats are great. They help keep your floors clean, provide some great looking decor as well as being the perfect place to store your spare key. That was a joke – please don’t store your spare key under your doormat or else you are just asking to be robbed.

But in all seriousness doormats are a great way to express yourself. You can have witty ones, stylish ones or even very unique ones. However, today we are going to be looking at some stylish coastal designs which can really compliment your beach house.

Drop the anchor, you’re not going anywhere


Let everyone know that this is your home with an anchor doormat. There was a heap of different designs but I believe this one to be the best. I love the green color along with the broken squares going around the anchors. Anchors are often associated with homes/ports so it makes sense to use it as a door mat. This mat would work best with a pastel color house – preferably weatherboard.

Woven Rope


This rope-doormat is really something special. I love the circular designs that are woven throughout and I think this is an absolute stunning doormat for a beach house. It perfectly reflects life on the coast and really gives off those relaxation vibes. If you are looking for some inspiration I recommend that you start here.

Tailored to your housequote

Why not get one with your address on it? Sometimes houses lack an address on the front and having one on the front step is a great way to let those confused guests know they made it to the right place. Better yet, you can have some coastal inspired quote on the mat to really get them into the beach mood.

Whale Tail

Whales tail

I don’t know why, but I really like this one. It’s calm relaxing image along with the sandy yellow is really soothing. Great minimalistic design that is pretty rare.

The Basic Welcome
shellsAnd who could forget the basic welcome mat. Fun and perfect for any beach house. If you are looking for your basic mat this is the perfect one for you.