An Extremely Practical Beach Towel Tote Bag

DIY Beach Tote Towel Bag
This beach towel tote is extremely practical! Made with towels, this beach bag unrolls into a beach mat! Here are 4 tutorials -2 include a pillow!

DIY Beach Tote Bag Towel

Make a Beach Towel Bag

DIY Beach Towel Bag with Pillow
Picture 1 is Martha Stewart’s Beach Towel Tote Bag. You roll the long end of the towel up and turn inside out, and it’s a bag! Unroll when you get to the beach and it’s a mat! What you’ll need for this project are one small hand towel and one bath towel in the same color. The hand towel length needs to be the same as the beach towel width. Martha’s instructions might not be the easiest ones to follow though. No problem. Just check out Joshua Trent’s Beach Towel Tote Bag (picture 2) which delivers the step by step pictures for Martha’s tutorial. And then there is Red Fly’s Beach Towel Tote and Olivia Coon’s Beach Towel Bag (picture 3 & 4). The cool thing about these beach towel bags is that they have a pillow. So neat! Who wouldn’t enjoy that? Which beach towel tote bag is it for your? With or without pillow?