12 Stunning Sand Dollar Rug Designs

Nothing can make a room look more beach-inspired and tropical than a sand dollar rug. Featuring beautiful coastal designs and patterns can instantly imbue any room with the majestic vibe of the ocean. If you are not quite familiar, sand dollars are also known as sea cookie, snapper biscuit, or pansy shell. Sand dollar rugs come in different colors, designs, materials, sizes, and shapes. Whether you are looking for a nautically-inspired rug to add in your room or wanting to express your whimsical personality, you will surely find what you are looking for with our top selections for a next best sand dollar rug.


Sand Dollar Rug Buying Guide

First, you need to know which type of material would suit your needs. Sand dollar rugs are typically made from high-quality materials like natural jute fiber, hand-woven acrylic, and polypropylene. If you need an indoor or an outdoor sand dollar rug, the best material to choose would be polypropylene. Sand dollar rugs made from polypropylene can be used inside or outside of your beach-inspired home. Not only that, rugs made from polypropylene are also easy to clean which means that you will not have to go through the hassles of cleaning a dirty rug.

Sand dollar rugs also come in different sizes and shapes. You should always check the size of the rug you are buying to avoid the need of returning it. Choosing the shape is mainly up to your own preferences. Typically, you may find round and rectangular rugs. You may also be allowed to customize your rug.

Pacific Blue Throw Rug

White Sand Dollar Rug

This sand dollar rug by Jaipur perfectly exhibits the ocean vibe we want with its pacific navy blue color and ruggedly chic sand dollar pattern. It also features amazing color combinations of chino green, woodbine, mosaic blue and dark blue. It is our top pick not only because of its design but also because of the material used in making it. This sand dollar rug is made from 100% polypropylene which only means that you can place it in any part of your beach home; whether you want to place it in the patio or inside your room, it will definitely add the nautical vibe you desire. It also features backing for safety. The rug is 5′ wide, 7.5′ long and 1/4′ thick. For additional comfort, protection, safety, and longevity, this rug can be combined with a rug pad. It is the perfect image of a casual seaside lifestyle!

Sand Dollar Area Rug
Our next best pick features linked sand dollar patterns. If you are looking for a unique design, then this rug is perfect for your taste. Most of the sand dollar rugs you can find online only feature individual or separated sand dollar patterns. It is quite uncommon to find a linked pattern like this one. The chain of sand dollars instantly creates a soothing and relaxing ambiance. It also features relaxing colors like blue and tan. This rug is also made from polypyrene so it is great indoors and outdoors. The rug is a bit shorter than our fist pick since it is only 7′ long. However, it is thicker; this rug is 1/2′ thick. The rug is also pretty easy to clean. All you need to do is to either spot clean it with a detergent or simply hose it. This hand hooked rug will absolutely be a great addition to your beach-inspired abode!
Seashell Ocean Bath Mat Rug Star Fish Sand Dollar
Our third pick features a twist with the already beautiful sand dollar pattern. The clam shell patterns complement the sand dollar patterns perfectly. The combination of colors white and aqua blue also created a relaxing ocean-like vibe. If you are looking for combined nautical designs, this sand dollar rug will surely fit your taste. Wait until you discover more about the stunning features of this rug. The hand-tufted rug is 42′ wide and 66′ long. With its size, it is recommended for people with huge room spaces. It can be placed in the middle of your living room and even outside. Although the rug is made from 80% acrylic and 20% polyester, it can still be used like polypropylene. You can display it wherever your space would allow, indoors and outdoors. In addition to that, this rug is also UV stabilized. Curious about what it means? Well, when your rug is UV stabilized, it is less prone to fading so rest assured that the vibrant color of this rug will last. Add this stunning decorative accent to your coastal room and be amazed at its beauty!

Natural Sanddollar and Clam Shell Rug

Sand Dollar Shaped Rug
If you love the good combination of nautical designs but prefer neutral colors, this natural sand dollar and seashell rug will be your go-to option. Like our third top pick, this rug is also UV stabilized and made from polyester and acrylic. However, it comes in a smaller size. It is only 30′ wide and 48′ long. It would be perfect for smaller room spaces.

Bacova Accent Rug

Sand Dollar Rug Runner

This sand dollar rug came on the fifth spot because of its unique features. It features three sand dollar patterns in a neutral background. It is 20′ wide and 33′ long. The Bacova Sand Dollar Rug is also perfect indoors and outdoors but what makes it unique from the others is its skid-resistant backing feature. Skid resistance is the measure of the frictional characteristics of a surface. Since this rug features a skid-resistant latex backing, you are less prone to slipping or falling when stepping to it. While design and material are important factors when choosing a rug, your family’s safety should also be your number one priority. This rug is perfect for homes with adorable kids.

For people who want to bring the bright summer sunlight to their homes, this Mango Sand Dollar Rug is the perfect option. It instantly brings the warmth of summer into any room. With its golden glow and sepia-like background, you will always remember your summer beach escapades. It is also made of polypropylene. The rug is highly durable too. If you only need a small rug at home, you can get its 2′ by 3′ version or its 5′ by 7.5 version. It also features backing for safety.

Seventh on our list is this beautiful Jellybean Sand Dollar Rug. Most rugs only feature two to three shades of one color. If you like seeing colorful designs, this sand dollar rug is our best option. It features shades of blue, green, yellow, and neutral tans. The rug is great indoors and outdoors, durable, fade-resistant, and most important of all, machine washable! What can be more exciting than the fact that you can exert lesser effort in cleaning this rug? No matter how dirty the rug becomes, you can machine wash it anytime in cold water gently. It comes in the perfect size of 22′ wide and 43′ long.

Blue Aqua  Rug

Sand Dollar Bath Rug

We just love this sand dollar rug for many notable reasons. The design of the scattered sand dollars is unique and detailed and the sea foam background complements the sand dollar’s color perfectly. In fact, the painterly effect on the design of this rug is crafted with the combination of handcrafted art and cutting edge technology. This rug is special on its own. The hand tufted rug is made from 100% polyester and can be placed indoors or outdoors. It has a rubber non-skid backing and UV stabilized fibers. It is also highly durable. The antimicrobial feature of this rug makes it stand out from the crowd. Surely, this rug will liven up your room!

Sanddollar and Clam Shell Rug

Royal Palace Sand Dollar Rug

The coral background of this rug makes it a great option for people who love vibrant and vivid colors. This rug is 20′ wide and 30′ long. It is hand-tufted with 80% acrylic and 20% polyester which also makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. You will also enjoy its vibrant color for a long time because it features UV stabilized fiber.

Crochet Rug with Sanddollar Pattern

Round Sand Dollar Rug

Looking for a round shaped rug? This crochet rug is carefully handcrafted following the shape and look of a sand dollar. It is not perfectly round as it follows the natural shape and curves of a real sand dollar. This rug is affordable and beautiful. It features blue, beige and gray colors which embody the vibe of the sea perfectly. It is made of polyester and it is 30′ in diameter. It is a perfect indoor rug or bathroom rug.

Pottery Barn Sand Dollar Rug

Another unique design that features different beautiful shades of blue. Unlike the typically scattered sand dollar design and plainly colored background rugs, this rug features overlapping sand dollar patterns and stripes of dark blue, light blue and white on its background. The good combination of colors and patterns found on this hooked rug makes it a perfect addition to any beach house.

Neutral Rug

Jaipur Sand Dollar Rug

Last but not the least, this neutral sand dollar rug by Jaipur perfectly imitates the color of the sand. If you love coastal designs and neutral colors, this rug is your best pick. It is hand-hooked, made of polypropylene, UV-stabilized, and durable.

All of these rugs comes in different designs that can instantly evoke the lovely sea. With nautical rugs as fun as elegant as these, you will definitely want to add more and more to your living space. Not only that, these sand dollar rugs will captivate the heart and eyes of your visitor. They will bring a sense of natural coastal beauty to any of your rooms. You can place one on your beach nook or in your patio. Get your first sand dollar rug and enjoy its natural beauty at home!