Beach Tile Art – A Splash of Beach Themed Tiles

Create a splash of spectacular in your bathroom, kitchen, & beyond with beach tile art. From intrinsic custom mosaics to single beach accent tiles that you can insert anywhere you want.

Beach Themed Bathroom Tiles

The first type of tiles we will look at are ones that are in bathrooms!

Seashell Starfish Bathroom Tiles
This and above is the beautiful work of Pratt & Larson. Tiles are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. To order, you have to locate a dealer in your area through their website. You can check out their showroom here.

Flip Flops Mosaic Tile Floor Bathroom
A custom mosaic tile floor that features flip flops. Via Beach Cottage Life on Pinterest

Tile Art Octopus

Coral Sea Life Tile Art
Stunning octopus and gorgeous coral theme tile art mosaics created by Appomattox, a studio located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Click on the Where to Buy link on their website for a showroom in your area.

Beach Bathroom Floor Tiles
An example of a custom designed beach bathroom floor with a sea life mosaic by Meltons, an interior design company based in the UK. The design was drawn up by a mosaic artist and made into panels, which then were installed by their tiler.

Beach Themed Kitchen Backsplash

Next up are going to be nautical inspired backsplashes for the kitchen.

Beach Tile Kitchen Backsplash
Designer Glass Mosaics combine their artistic talents and experienced glass cutting skills to produce custom glass products with applications for kitchen backsplashes, accent tiles, borders, fireplace surrounds, murals, and more.
Beach Flip Flop Tile
Beach pebble like tiles by Wet Dog Tile. Wet Dog Tile offers a collection of individual tile pieces, as well as one-of-a-kind borders and murals that can easily be customized. They believe all dogs deserve happy and loving homes, so a portion of every Wet Dog sale is donated to local and national rescue organizations.

Custom Tile Beach Mural Kitchen
One of Wet Dog Tile’s custom murals.

Beach Tile Mural Kitchen Backsplash
Studio Tiles offers decorative inserts, frames, borders, as well as mosaics, designed by tile artist Bettina Elsner, as well as other artisans. Their products are for interior walls only.

La Belle Collection Seashell Tiles
Seashell and coral theme tiles by Original Style. This company is based in the UK, but has retailers throughout the United States. Just head over to their site, click on Retailers, and do a city search to locate a store in your area.

Ceramic Seashell Tiles
Ceramic seashell and starfish tiles by Cergamics. Every handmade tile order is custom made and hand-painted. You can contact them via email, provided on their website.

Beach Tiles
Scenic high gloss relief tiles by Cape Cod Treasure Chest. They have a large selection of cute and colorful beach tiles to choose from.

Art Tile Inserts
Then, single beach accent tiles and murals that feature works of art at Pacifica Tile Art Studio.

Beach Art Tile
Another great source to purchase single tiles featuring art is Tile Art Gallery. They have Charlene Olson’s Lovely Walk on the Beach Painting as a tile here. Single accent beach tiles can be mounted into any tile wall scheme. A very easy and simple way to add a splash of spectacular in the bathroom, kitchen & beyond!

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  1. I love the tile picture over the range but I need one that is square or rectangular to go over my sink area at our beach condo. I can get dimensions I need but I feel about maybe a 16 x 16 or 18 x 18 would work nicely.
    Is it possible to get one? The one with the two starfish and the water part should be more of an aqua color.

    • Hi Donna,

      I’m sure you can get it custom made! Just contact the company (or companies) directly by clicking on the links. I would love to see the result! Thank you so much for stopping by! ~Maya

  2. I wish I would have seen these sooner when we were remodeling our home. We don’t live near the beach but we try to keep the beach decor in our home to feel like we are close. Yes, I do see all the links for the companies. Thank you

  3. Omg these tiles are awesome…where can I order them? Do u have redoing my home I’d love tiles for several rooms

    • Cindy… let me know if you have a specific question! See my response to Linda. Thanks!

    • Linda, I’m not sure what you mean. I included all the sources. Some of the beach tiles need to be ordered via local retailers, others can be purchased online. I thought I was clear. Let me know if you have a specific question! Okay? ~Maya

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