How to Create a Tropical Tiki Backyard

Tropical Destination Sign in Backyard
Have you been dreaming about a tropical getaway? Better Homes and Gardens shows how homeowners created a tropical retreat right in their backyard! To Create a Tropical Retreat in your Backyard you need three things! A fun colorful tropical directional sign to set the tone. You can put this together with Beach Arrow Signs.

Tiki Bar for the Backyard
A tiki bar with a thatched roof. And a margarita maker! If this is too elaborate, simply get a Tiki patio umbrella as featured here! To charm up your tiki bar or tiki patio umbrella, hang a little Tiki Sign and Tropical String Lights or garland.

Torch Light for the Backyard
And to set the mood at night, use Bamboo Tiki Torch Lights. You can buy the torches with a Natural Flame or Solar Powered. For the entire article and more tips about how to create a tropical Tiki backyard, visit Better Homes and Gardens!

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