Fun & Creative Beach Party Food Ideas

Beach Party Food Ideas
No matter what the occasion, these fun and creative beach party foods will please and amuse everyone who’s beach bound! From flip flop sandwiches, to veggi palm trees, to sweet treats.

Flip Flop Sandwiches
Sandwiches in the Shape of Flip Flops. The shapes are cut out with Flip Flop Cookie Cutters, and for the straps, different assorted bell peppers, garnish, and toothpicks were used.

Crab Croissant Sandwiches
Croissants Crab Sandwiches.

Sea Salt Chips Bucket
From the same source as above comes a sea salt potato chips idea, served up beach bucket style!

Vegetable Palm Tree
Veggi dip with palm trees made of carrots and green peppers. Via.

Pepper Octopus Under the Sea Party
Veggi platter with pepper octopus for an Under the Sea Party.

Beach Ball Fruit Tray
A colorful Edible Arrangement in the shape of a beach ball. This is a fruit pizza! You can also take this idea and use a tray for a simple arrangement with fruit, or veggis with a bowl of dip placed in the middle.

Smores Marshmellow Cookies
Smores cookies inspired by the classic Beach Bonfire Marshmallow Roast. Via A Quiet Life.

Beach Party Food Ideas
Beach sea glass candy, that looks like it has have been battered around by ocean waves, white Chocolate Shells, and sand made from graham crackers and brown sugar. For the recipes, head over to Make it Lovely.

Beach Sand Bucket Pudding Cake
Sand Bucket Cake that’s filled with cinnamon swirl crumb cake and cinnamon frosting. With the optional bonus of chocolate shells. Make individual portions, or make the cake in a large Beach Bucket.

Sand Castle Cake
And for even more play in the sand, Build a Sand Castle. A Sand Castle Cake that is!

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