Beach Wisdom & Illustrations by Artist Sandy Gingras

Life is Better at the Beach
At the beach we seem to be able to leave complications behind, slow down, breath deeper, remember what’s important. Artist Sandy Gingras has turned her inspiration from the beach into whimsical illustrations and prose, composed into the most lovely books.

Sandy Gingras Beach Books

Life's Better at the Beach by Sandy Gingras
All the above illustrations (including this one) are from the book Life’s Better at the Beach, a celebration of the simple pleasures of beach life.

Flip Flops by Sandy Gingras
Wearing Flip Flops sure sets a leisurely mood. That’s one thing I love about flip flopping around. Quote is from the book How to Live in Flip-Flops.

Beach Walking Meditation
The book Walks on the Beach features lovely mini-essays about self-discovery, particularly a woman’s self-discovery. Another quote I really like is: “Take one Step toward something you love. Then take another step.”

Beach Wisdom by Sandy Gingras
“There is truth in the tide that turns,” Sandy Gingras writes in Beach Wisdom. The beach is a great metaphor for life.

All the books are so delightful, and I bet, many of you already were familiar with Sandy’s work. You can take a peek into each of Sandy’s books over at Amazon.

How to Live at the Beach Kitchen Towel with Art by Sandy Gingras
Sandy’s art is also available as calendars, greeting cards and home decor products, such as this whimsical Beach Kitchen Towel and the Whale Pillow below. To browse more of Sandy’s products, head over to Amazon.

What the Ocean Teaches us Whale Pillow

And it comes at no surprise, Sandy (together with her husband and son) lives right by the beach! Location, Long Beach Island in New Jersey where she has two designs stores called How to Live. To learn more, visit Sandy Gingras’ Website, and to tour her home, head over to Completely Coastal!

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