Beach Girl Illustrations by Jennifer Brinley

Beach Girl Illustration
Who wouldn’t want to be this girl, enjoying carefree time at the beach? Jennifer Brinley’s beach girl illustrations are lighthearted, colorful and fun.

Beach Girl II

Girl at the Beach Illustration Art

Beach Girl I

Jennifer Brinley is a California artist and designer who has been licensing her illustrations and paintings for many years. When she was young she wanted to be an animator for Disney. Later during college she discovered Georgia O’Keeffe and Cezanne and was inspired by the colors and boldness of their work. Painting mostly in gouache and watercolor, Jennifer enjoys using vibrant warm colors, finding her inspiration through her travels in Europe and the U.S. To get to know Jennifer a little bit more, head over to The Moon from my Attic where you’ll find an interview posted. It’s a great read, especially if you are an artist as well. You will learn a thing or two about licensing! I think the first beach girl illustration captures my carefree spirit (which I need to nurture more!) the best. Both of her illustrations, as well as other ocean and beach themed works are available via

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