Beach Cottage with Bright Blue, Yellow & Lime Green Painted Walls

Bright Painted Colorful Walls
You will not find a white wall in this beach cottage! Instead you will be soothed by fresh bright blue hues, and wake up to sunny yellow and tropical lime green.

Bright Blue Painted Walls Beach Cottage Decor

Aqua Blue Dining Room Walls

Yellow Painted Walls Beach Bedroom

Teal Blue Painted Bedroom Walls

Lime Green Walls Bedroom

Yellow and Blue Porch
Located on Anna Maria Island, this beach cottage will get you in vacation mode with its bright blue, yellow and lime green painted walls and Beach Theme Accessories. In fact, the cottage can be rented via Anna Maria Island Home Rental. Vacation home or not, the cottage is a great example of how to make your walls talk in Bright Colors!

2 thoughts on “Beach Cottage with Bright Blue, Yellow & Lime Green Painted Walls”

  1. Wowzers!
    That’s our vacation rental ~ Sirenia Cove. Thank you Beach Bliss Living for showcasing it on your beautiful Blog! We love following it. Feel free to contact us directly Maya, to receive a discount on your future vacation on Anna Maria Island. We’d love to host you at any of our vacation homes.
    In fact Sirenia By The Sea is under-going a complete backyard renovation at the moment. Keep tabs on us for new photos up soon.

    Anna Maria Island Home Rental

    • Beautiful photos of your wonderful house Nancy. It looks great and very coastal. The other wonderful benefit? Everything is so happy and uplifting. The perfect place for a beach vacation!

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