Brookstone’s Beach Mat -The Ultimate Beach Lounger?

Beach Mat with Backrest
Could Brookstone’s Beach Mat with Backrest be the ultimate beach lounger for those who love to lie flat AND sit up?

Beach Mat Lounger
The product is sort of a hybrid between a beach mat and a Folding Chaise Lounger, offering the feature of a lounger but without the weight. It comes with straps so that you can easily carry it to the beach, as well as a zippered pocket for your beach essentials. You can also Purchase the Mat on Amazon where you learn more about the product in the review section. I always read the reviews before I buy! The criticisms that many people seem to agree on is that the beach mat is a bit narrow and maybe a bit too short. I wouldn’t mind either of these things since I’m not trying to protect myself from the sand when I’m at the beach. I happen to like to have my feet in the sand! Other than that it’s pro and cons of opinions based on preferences. The beach mat itself is of good and durable quality, available in different beachy colors. I think the zippered pocket is awesome, which really gives this beach mat the function of a bag as well.