Beach Summer Mantels that Capture the Beauty of the Season

Beach Summer Mantel
Summer and beach season are in full swing. These simple beach summer mantels capture the spirit!

Top This Top That

Summer Mantel in a Beach Cottage

Tracy Rapisardi via Tracy’s Pinterest

Colorful Beach Mantel

The Blue Eyed Dove

Summer Beach Mantel Photo Frames


Summer Beach Mantel Decor Idea

House of Joyful Noise

Summer Mantel Beach Sign

House of Joyful Noise

Beach Mantel Decor


Beachy Summer Mantel

Tatertots and Jello

A cool beach sign, bright colors, Collected Beach Treasures, themey objects, and images are the basic elements of these simple beach summer mantels. It’s doesn’t take much to create a beachy feel. Think about setting the stage with a backdrop, such as that large beach sign, draped fish net, and tall mirror. Or how about that bright yellow door! The layered photo frames are a really great idea too, a beachy casual take on the (usually well organized and thought out) Gallery Wall. Then each year you can change up a few things, and add more of your beach collections. Given, of course, that you get to spend time on the beach (beachcombing). I hope that you do! I’m currently vacationing in Palm Beach County, Florida, Flip Flopping around Delray Beach, slacking on my Beach Chair, and Walking Barefoot in the Sand. So far, I have gathered quite a few interesting shells and coral fragments.

So go ahead and click on the links below the images to view more of these beachy summer mantels and learn a little bit about the story. As they say, each summer has a story and what better place to tell that story than with a summer mantel. If you follow the links you’ll also discover that most of these mantels are actually wall shelves. You don’t need a fireplace to put together a beach summer mantel display!

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