Soothing Wave Rugs

Wave Rugs
One of the things I enjoy very much at the beach is the sound of waves. It’s music to my ears! It blocks out the world and washes away my thoughts. I know many of you feel the same. So how can we bring this very soothing experience to the home? I think the perfect way to do this is by setting the tone of a room with a wave rug! Sounds wonderful, don’t you think?

Kas Eternity Rug

Kas Eternity Rug from Bellacor

Swirly Wave Rug

Jaipur Coastal Living Wave Rug Hayneedle

Ombre Peacock Rug by Pier 1


Ocean Wave Rug
Ocean Landscape Rug from Hayneedle

Wave Dhurrie Rug
Harmonic Wave Dhurrie from Shades of Light

Fine Wave Rug
Grant Design Wave Rug from OBX

Caribbean Waves Rug
Caribbean Waves Rug from Horchow

Yala Rug
Resort Yala Rug via Amazon

Swirl Wave Rug
Boardwalk Waves Rug from OBX

Wave rugs can be quite literal with swirly wave patterns or more abstract with wavey lines, and they come in all kinds of blue hues that go from light to deep dark, some even include green tones which I also like. Many of the rugs featured here are available in other hues as well. Explore and enjoy… and think of the soothing sounds of waves rolling onto the beach!

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  1. Hi, I am looking for prices on your items especially the rugs? How does one purchase from this site?

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    • Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by! Under each rug picture is a link. Click on it and you will land right on the site where you can purchase the rug!

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