5 Creative Ways to Incorporate a surfboard into your interior design

Surfboards and the beach go hand in hand. However, surfboards aren’t restricted to only being used in the ocean. In this article, we give you a rundown on how you can use a surfboard in a variety of different ways to liven up your house.

This article took us a while to come up with our favorite ideas, however some of these creative uses should really give you some inspiration in figuring out how you can utilize and an old surfboard you have lying around. Some of these ideas are going to either be expensive or require something else to work, however, you should find at least something that can work for your house.

1. Basic Coffee Table

coffee table surf board

This is more of a basic use that practically anyone can use. The idea is simple, either use an old surfboard (give it a wax coating if it’s not wooden) or make your own out of wood, chuck some legs on it and call it a day. This is going to make a great piece for the living room, especially when entertaining guests – it’s definitely going to be a conversation item!

2. Surfboard Bar

Bar Surfboard

Probably my favorite use for a surfboard would definitely have to be this bar. Now obviously if you wanted to use this design you would need some kind of bar already in place. I just love the lines running up and down the board – it really gives it a retro feel. This type of design would also work great for a coastal pub or cafe, as it helps to set a relaxing vibe.

3. Light Fixtures

light fixture

Another neat use of an old surfboard is to hang some lights/candles from it. This works great outside on the patio and looks absolutely sensational. However, make sure you are careful when dealing with the electricity! We’d hate for you get hurt.

4. Wall Decor

Wall decoration

Depending on the size of the board, you can hang them/mount them on various walls around the house. This is a fantastic way to add those “Hang 10” surfer vibes to any room and will most definitely be a point of envy from your friends and family.

5. Outside Shower

outdoor shower

This one here is probably going to take a bit of time to install, make mainly because it needs to; 1, be set up to work with the shower, 2, covered in tiles. However, once done, this looks absolutely great. If you live near the beach and are constantly coming in from a relaxing surf, this is the perfect use of an old surfboard.