Dream Beach Destination Typography Wall Coverings

Beach Destination Wallpaper
From exotic islands to the Hamptons, there is a wallpaper that brings dream beach destinations together in one stylish typography design. You could create a stunning accent wall with this wallpaper! Three different colors to choose from.

Beach Destination Wallpaper in Blue and White

Beach Wallpaper
Beach Destination Wallpaper in Eggshell and Fade Denim

Beach Destination Wallcovering
Beach Destination Wallpaper in Sand

I’m partial to Designs with Words, Sayings and Quotes. I love the typography in itself, and the imagery the words evoke. Locales like the Côte d’Azur, St. Barts, and Tahiti sound like music to my ears, some even bring back sweet memories of summer holidays.

The unique beach destination wallpaper by York from Burke Decor’s Vast Collection of Wall Coverings, has a speckled field on top of which are printed the names of these dreamy places. It is available in three different colors, sold as in a minimum of 2 single rolls, which are physically packaged and delivered as 1 large double roll covering approximately 56 square feet (20.5 inches wide x 33 feet long) of wall area. You can order a sample for $10 if you are unsure of the color.