Shiny Temporary Tattoos for Beach Babes

Temporary Metallic Tattoos Palm Trees
Temporary beach tattoos are a whole new way to accessorize your summer look. They are stylish, metallic, shiny and waterproof. Innovative jewelry that can never get lost on the beach! The two collections featured are designed by Rebekah Steen of Gold Fish Kiss in collaboration with Flash Tattoos.

Flash Tattoos Beach by Gold Fish Kiss

Beach Necklace Tattoo by Gold Fish Kiss

Beach Tattoos

Temporary Flash Tattoos
The first Gold Fish Kiss Collection contains 3 sheets:

Sheet 1: Bands (wear as a bracelet, arm band, or anklet) inspired by Hawaiian plumeria flowers, palm fronds, and waves. Sheet 2: Mixed metallic Hawaiian cowry shell bands (wear as a bracelet, arm band, or anklet). “Wanderlust”, “life’s a beach”, and “salt. sand. sea” in gold, silver and black. Sheet 3: Gold, silver and black palm trees. Gold and silver “Beach” necklace.

Temporary Metallic Shell Tattoos

Temporary Starfish Tattoo

Flash Tattoos Beach Style
The Gold Fish Kiss H2O Collection contains 4 sheets:

Sheet 1: Assorted friendship bracelets in a mix of black, gold, and silver. Sheet 2: Necklaces with sea inspired charms, various sea creatures. Sheet 3: Gold and silver Hawaiian hibiscus flowers, flamingos, etc. Sheet 4: Gold and silver bands (wear as a bracelet, arm band, or anklet) featuring fish scales, pineapples, shells, waves, and “J’aime la vie”.

I don’t know which I love more, Beach Art Nails or these fabulous beach tattoos by Flash Tattoos that are calling all Beach Babes! The tattoos can go anywhere on your skin, and the bracelet designs can do double duty as arm bands or anklets. Temporary Flash Tattoos will last about 4 to 6 days. While wearing them avoid oil based substances that may degrade the adhesive. And for even more ideas and designs, browse Temporary Tattoos on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Shiny Temporary Tattoos for Beach Babes”

  1. Love these temporary beach tattoos! I’m sure my daughter will also want to try this right away. And she’ll definitely love the “beach” tattoo in beautiful flowy script. We’ll also pass this nifty idea on to our vacation rental guests. When the visit the Oregon coast, they love all things coastal!

  2. I love these! My kids have got them already, but I’m in love with the beach style ones for me.
    Kid’s got theirs at Sephora.
    Happy Summer Beaching!

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