Inspiring Beach Wall Decor Ideas for the Space above the Sofa

Beach Wall Decor Ideas for Above Sofa
Fill the space above the sofa with the beach! Be it a single picture, a gallery wall, sculpture, or a mirror, these beach wall decor ideas will help you create a beautiful display.

Large Beach Art Above Sofa
Large Scenic Beach Art above Sofa by Dujardin Design

Beach Painting over Sofa
Beach Painting via House and Home

Surf Art Over Sofa Living Room Wall Decor
Surf Art

Beach Photo Gallery Wall Above Sofa
Beach Photo Gallery Wall via New England Home

Gallery Wall Above Sofa
Large Gallery Wall with Same Sized Vintage Sea Life Prints

Blue Pastel Beach Living Rooms
Gallery Wall with Framed Art and Oar

Gray Walls with Beach Decor
Large Framed Prints with Shelf

Gallery Wall Ideas for Over Sofa
Square Sea Life Canvas Gallery Wall via Houzz

oyster painting above slip covered sofa
Shell Canvas Art

Abstract Blue Canvas Art Above Sofa
Abstract Blue Canvas Art Representing the Colors of the Sea

Frame Fabric for Ocean Beach Wall Art
Framed Beach Fabric

Framed Vintage Swim Suits Wall Decor
Vintage Swim Suits

beach photo wall display
Photo Display on Handmade Dune Fence

DIY Ocean Beach Art above Sofa
DIY Ocean Canvas Art

Oversized Large Blue Beach Art
Large Beach Sign

Table Behind Sofa Decor Idea
Table with Candle Lanterns and Large Tropical Art Canvas via KL Interiors

Over Sofa Wall Decor Beach Theme
Table with Shell Lamps and Large Framed Tropical Art

Vintage Diver Sculpture Over Sofa
Vintage Diver Sculpture

Turquoise Life Preserver Rings Wall Decor
Life Preserver Rings

Large Driftwood Mirror Above Sofa
Driftwood Sunburst Mirror via BHG

You can’t go wrong with a large beach picture or a gallery wall above the sofa. You can hang canvas art or framed art, and when it comes to gallery walls, the sky is the limit. To place a table behind the sofa is also a great idea which allows for other displays, as well as additional lighting. Or how about a large sculptural piece like the dune fence with beach photos or the vintage diver? And of course, a beautiful beachy mirror such as a driftwood mirror is a wonderful idea. Just make sure the scale fits! I hope these beach wall decor ideas will inspire you to make the space above your sofa awesome, just like the Space above the Bed!

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