10 Beach Inspired Throws

If you really want to compliment the furniture in your house you are going to need a throw of some kind. If you really want to compliment the furniture in your beach house your going to need some beach inspired throws. Luckily today that is exactly what we are going to help you find. Throughout this article we have our 10 favorite beach inspired throws that are perfect for decorating any house, not those just on the beach. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration!

Throws are a great way to liven up a room. They add style, color and warmth to any room they occupy, which due to their lightweight is nearly any room in the house (save maybe the bathroom or toilet, don’t put them there).  If you can’t find any use for the throws below (I find that hard to believe) then maybe you can give it to someone else who you think could definitely benefit from one of these stunning creations!

Simple yet stylish


Sea Shells by the sea shore

sea shell



Bigger Anchor

big anchor





Tye Died Shell

big shell

Towel Impersonator


Boats and Whales

boats and whales

More Anchors

more anchors